The Rebel Story

Aaron Leland

Deacon Samuel Gray

Leland and Gray Union High School is one of the oldest educational institutions in the State of Vermont. Established in 1833 by the Baptist Association, the school was named Leland Classical and English School in honor of Aaron Leland, a minister who had endeared himself to the people of southern Vermont.

At the time of the Civil War, the Seminary went through a period of great financial hardship. In response to the generosity of Deacon Samuel Gray, the name of the school was changed to Leland and Gray Seminary in 1860.

The school building, erected in 1834, was a two-story, rectangular brick structure surmounted by a wooden tower. The building (pictured above) suffered a catastrophic fire in 1894 and was demolished and rebuilt.

In 1970, 137 years after the seminary was established, the present secondary school was erected by the newly formed Leland and Gray Union High School District. Building on its unique history and community commitment, Leland and Gray continues to offer public education of high quality to the people of five union district towns and other communities.