One-third of all courses taken by high school students is based on choice, and we hope every upperclassman fills his or her day with elective choices to take the greatest advantage of free, public education. Electives serve four distinct purposes:

  • The first purpose is individual student passion. Some examples include students who rearrange their schedules to keep band; students who choose not to graduate early in order to take every science option offered; and students who start the next foreign language while completing the first. Often times these students become so skilled that they aspire to leadership roles and compete for scholarships in the field, and become known as the whiz in the subject.

  • The second purpose is public school opportunity: electives expand the core. Here teachers’ backgrounds and professional connections help students delve deeper. Students hear about the class from staff or friends and decide to check it out; students become curious while reading the Program of Studies, or students sign up to fill their schedules. Whether or not this “accidental” study becomes a passion, students’ skill-set and knowledge base grow and can be applied in unforeseen ways.

  • The third purpose is learning relationships: students hope to learn again with a specific teacher. Virtually every elective is taught by an L&G teacher with core classes. A bond is formed in the classroom, and devoted students jump at the chance to work again with him or her.

  • The fourth purpose is earning Dual Enrollment (DE) and Advanced Placement (AP) credits. Students save thousands of dollars by participating in many of the DE courses and the AP courses taught at L&G. Students can earn the equivalent of three semesters at college and begin their post-secondary education as a sophomore.

Whichever the intent, students who fill their school day with a wide variety of core and elective courses graduate exceptionally prepared to succeed in college and career opportunities, helping ensure a prosperous future. We encourage students to talk with their teachers, school counselor, parents, and other mentors to make the most of their education. Whether students plan to travel the world, remain close to home, or a little of both, a robust middle and high school program will take each student further than imagined. Speaking for all L&G educators: We are there to challenge, support, and nurture every student.

Choosing Classes for 20-21