Digital Citizenship

What is Plagiarism & Cheating

As a learning community, we will always promote academic achievement but this is never a justification for using the words, thoughts, or ideas of another person without acknowledging their work. It is important for students to understand what Leland & Gray means by the words “plagiarism” and “cheating.”

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is how you should act when using digital technology and how you interact with others online. Not only does being a good digital citizen keep you and your personal information safe, you can help keep others safe, too. Read on for further information on digital citizenship and tips to better protect yourself online.

Strategies to avoid plagiarizing others' work

In this video by, you’ll learn more about the strategies you can use to avoid plagiarizing others' work. Visit for our text-based lesson. (2018). Avoiding Plagiarism. Youtube. Retrieved August 10, 2022, from