Journey East

Journey East is Leland & Gray's Asian studies immersion program. Started in 2000, the program was initially funded by the Freeman Foundation with major support from the University of Vermont’s award winning Asian Studies Outreach Program. Over 250 students from host Leland and Gray and area schools including Brattleboro, Twin Valley, Burr and Burton, Green Mountain, The Compass School, Bellow Falls and others have participated.

Journey East: Finding Your Place

A documentary film produced by Leland and Gray Alumn, Giannina Gaspero-Beckstrom (2015), Alana Redden (2014), and Fraser Query (2014).

They were all participants of the Journey East program in 2012 and when given the opportunity to create this film, they all jumped in. They really did a wonderful job at capturing the journey as well as the deeper connections made along the way.